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Mougins School

Proud member of Globeducate

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Mougins School,  a proud member of Globeducate

Mougins British International School is a member of Globeducate, one of the leading K-12 international education groups in the world – a network of 60 premium bilingual and international schools, as well as online programmes, educating 40,000 students in 12 countries. 

Globeducate collaborates daily with a Global Advisory Board, bringing together education experts from around the world to promote educational excellence on an international scale.

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The Globeducate British International Schools Group

Globeducate British International Schools is made up of schools in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Each school teaches the English National Curriculum and offers a flexible and student-centred approach to learning. Some schools also teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Sixth Form.

All of our schools teach a broad and balanced curriculum that goes beyond the academic to encourage students to develop a deeper understanding of the world. At GBIS schools, students are encouraged to nurture their own talents – and appreciate the perspectives and gifts of others.

We hold our students to rigorous academic standards and offer enriching experiences outside of the classroom. It is our aim to cultivate the character of every student, through experiences that stretch them, while providing a learning environment in which they feel safe and secure.


Globeducate: education for a changing world


Globeducate prepares each student to be a global citizen who can shape the world. Students develop skills and abilities beyond the purely academic, and learn how to play their part in shaping the future; how to tackle the unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges that are reshaping our global communities. 

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