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Children playing in the campus of Mougins British International School
About Us

About Mougins School

Mougins School is a British international school located in the heart of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. Founded in 1964, the school offers an international education for children aged 3 to 18. Our teaching programme closely follows the English National Curriculum, following the five different key stages of learning, culminating in IGCSE and A-level examinations.

Pupils are welcomed each day into a warm and friendly environment where they enjoy interacting with their peers and the staff. We are proud of our school community, made up of committed parents, students, teachers and support staff. We work hard to foster a spirit of collaboration and a sense of togetherness within the school and to inspire a lifelong love of learning among our students.

With over 40 nationalities represented at the school, our students are able to benefit from the international experience of their teachers and fellow students. The school is equipped with interactive whiteboards to help our students prepare for the world of tomorrow, combined with a strong emphasis on art, music, drama, and sport all of which help to develop the soft skills needed for university and beyond.

The student body, led by the Student Council, regularly participates in fundraising challenges, donating to numerous worthy causes. An active Parent Teacher Association assists staff and students in the organisation of activities and social events which enhance the lives of all concerned.

Student from early years foundation stage playing with water
3 students from secondary enjoying a break in the campus of Mougins British International School
Our educational mission is upheld by our four core values:


We are kind, compassionate and courteous. We take care of ourselves, each other and our environment.


We are all learners who strive to develop and improve. We recognise the importance of effort, mistakes and reflection.


We are reliable, honest and fair, even in the face of challenges.


We are supportive, encouraging and considerate. Together, we celebrate diversity and are committed to equality.

With many international families, we are acutely aware of the challenges that children sometimes face when adapting to a new environment, and additional support is readily available for new families in assisting with the hurdles of relocation.

Why choose Mougins school?

Over 50 years of educational
A strong parent-teacher
A warm and welcoming
STEAM approach
An emphasis on outdoor
International mindset
3 students from secondary walking in the playground of Mougins British International School

Our Facilities

Since 1987 our school has been located within the Sophia Antipolis technology park, known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the south of France. Our purpose-built campus is made up of six modern buildings, and boasts excellent sports facilities and recreational areas, along with garden areas and woodland. Located between Nice and Cannes we are surrounded by the natural beauty of the French Riviera. Students are able to cycle or walk to school via trails through the woods and enjoy the outdoors daily while attending school.

The campus houses well-equipped classrooms, four science laboratories, two IT suites, a dedicated performing arts and music building, a superb gymnasium and a library containing 11,000 books, overseen by a librarian. A dining room provides freshly cooked food meals every day.

The school offers a wide range of clubs and extracurricular activities to enrich and complement the academic side of school life.

                                                                                                                Find out more about our extracurricular activities


We are accredited by COBIS, the Council of British International Schools and the ISI, the Independent Schools Inspectorate, a British Government-approved body for inspecting independent schools in the UK and abroad.

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