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Excellence at Mougins School

Excellence in British Education at Mougins School

As a British International School, Mougins School is heavily influenced by the English National Curriculum but placed within an international context. Students will benefit from all of the traditions and heritage of a British-style education, recognised and respected across the world.

Our educational approach combines the quality and values of a British education with a commitment to collaborative learning and developing critical and creative thinking skills. Students receive the dedicated attention and support they need to access every part of the curriculum. With 50 years of experience in educational achievement, parents can rest assured that Mougins School will help their children achieve their full potential.

Encouraging independent learning

Educational excellence is a key element of the British education system and it is a goal that extends beyond pure academic achievement. Extracurricular activities, from sports to music, drama, hobby clubs and art courses, form an integral part of the daily routine at Mougins School and encourage pupils to develop into well-rounded individuals.

As a school we encourage young people to take an interest in the wider world, to think independently and form their own opinions, while always respecting their fellow students and teachers alike.

The English National Curriculum encourages young people to interact with and explore the world around them, to think independently and form their own points of view, and to respect and communicate intelligently with others. In addition, our partnerships with the World Wildlife Fund and Eco-Schools encourage pupils to become active members of the global community and fully aware of their social responsibility.

Pupils are taught how to solve problems, how to work effectively as part of a team and how to think critically and creatively; essential skills that they will eventually take with them into the workplace. They are given plenty of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom; from our ‘school in the woods’ to attending cultural events, school trips and international Globeducate events and exchanges.

During their final years at school, a sixth-form mentorship programme, dedicated university counsellor and regular UCAS clinic all support students as they make their university choices and applications. In tandem with this we help in finding relevant work experience, all prepare students for the transition to the next stage in their journey.

excellence at mougins school
excellence at mougins british international school

A STEAM approach to learning

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. STEAM is an interdisciplinary approach to inquiry-based learning that has become very popular in all learning settings across the past 10 years. Following a STEAM approach means encouraging pupils to explore and experience the world in practical ways through experimentation, inspiring dialogue and critical thinking from the earliest stages of education.

Our highly-qualified and experienced teachers naturally integrate a STEAM mindset into their lesson planning throughout our early years and primary classes. This involves promoting collaborative activities that support more theoretical learning, putting lessons into the context of the ‘real world.’ Examples of STEAM-led lessons include plotting the movement of the sun, or working out how to make a bridge strong enough to walk across.

Mougins School STEAM


Through a broad and balanced curriculum that goes beyond the purely academic, we build a deeper experience of the world.


We aim to inspire every student to contribute to a more just and sustainable world through their unique talents.


A great education equips a student to face challenges confidently and manage failure with tenacity and resilience.


We empower all of our students to discover what achievement means for them, and to achieve the highest qualifications and richest experience available in pursuit of success as a foundation for fulfilling lives.

SEN Provision

At Mougins School, we are committed to providing an inclusive education for all children This reflects our fundamental view that diversity should be celebrated and that every child has a right for their individual educational needs to be met. Whether it be behavioural challenges, a difficulty adapting after an international move, or a need for additional learning support, we understand that many children experience difficulties at different times throughout their lives. We make every effort to ensure that we provide the right sort of help at the right time, and our SEN team is available to all of our students and their families at any time.

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A commitment to collaborative learning and developing critical and creative thinking skills.