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Mougins School
Rituals at Mougins School

Mougins School Rituals and Traditions

Our school calendar includes many celebrations of cultural events, fundraising drives, sporting competitions, and excursions. We regularly celebrate academic milestones such as end of year and graduation.

Whole-school assemblies allow us to talk about important themes as a school, and offer an opportunity to celebrate individual success and progress. Our student Hall of Fame ensures that the successes of our students are continually celebrated.

The house system

In keeping with British school tradition we have adopted the house system in school. Every student is assigned to one of four “houses” upon joining the school that come together for sporting competitions and other school-wide events. This gives pupils of all ages the chance to connect with children from different age groups.

The houses at Mougins School reflect our location on the Côte d’Azur. They are:

  • Renoir (green)
  • Picasso (red)
  • Chagall (yellow)
  • Matisse (blue)

Along with winning glory for their house in sporting competitions, children can also earn house points for doing work around the school or helping others – all the while learning about contributing to their community and striving for a common goal.

sports day with houses system
students doing a rehearsheal for a concert at Mougins School

Mini Duke and Junior Duke

Our primary school pupils have the opportunity to take part in the Mini Duke and Junior Duke programmes. The programmes give pupils the chance to take part in a series of challenges designed to foster independence, promote problem solving skills and encourage team collaboration. There are six levels: Silver Mini Duke, Gold Mini Duke, Bronze Junior Duke, Silver, Gold and Platinum that encourage independence and self-motivation. Each of these levels has fourteen challenges and, in order to complete a level, the children need to finish ten of these successfully.

The children will be given many of the necessary skills in school, but most of the challenges will also require some time and effort out of school with parents at home. On completion of a level, a certificate and a badge will be awarded.

Inspired by the Duke of Edinburgh Awards for secondary school pupils, skills taught include first aid, ICT, languages, art, drama, music, sport and other life skills such as cookery and puncture repair as well as a range of cultural challenges.

sport & ritual at mougins school

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Offering opportunities to celebrate individual success and progress.