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 The Needs of our Learners, Inclusion Department at Mougins School
Inclusion Department

The Needs of our Learners

Teachers play a crucial role in supporting students with diverse needs, especially when it comes to English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners or Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Whether it's additional language support or SEN assistance, Our inclusion department is here to empower educators and ensure every student receives the necessary help to thrive. 

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RISE Programme - Specific Learning Needs

The RISE Programme caters for a variety of specific learning needs. At our school, we follow the Inclusion Department's WAVE plan of action to ensure every student receives the support they deserve. From discreet in-class individual differentiation to one-on-one targeted lessons with our specialist teachers, we are committed to providing an inclusive and empowering learning environment for all. 

How does Mougins School implement the RISE Programme ?

Many issues can be catered for within the classroom using quality first teaching strategies, however sometimes individual sessions with qualified specialist teachers are needed. It is important to emphasise that research confirms that early targeted interventions enable many pupils to go on to be very successful in their learning. 

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mougins school inclusion department

English Improvement Programme - English as an Additional Language (EAL) 

We understand the importance of mastering the English language to fully thrive in the classroom. That's why we have designed this specialised programme to provide extra support for students who can significantly benefit from it. 

These sessions will be held during the class time allowing your child to access the curriculum with confidence outside the main classroom.  Led by our dedicated in-house English language specialists, these small group sessions will be tailored to your child's specific linguistic needs. Our goal is to help the students fully engage with their year group's curriculum as soon as possible. 

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mougins school inclusion department

T. GOLDSPINK, Learning Support, L. HOLMES, English as an Additional Language, J. BARTHELAY, Inclusion Head of Department, Z. JONES, English as an Additional Language, G. SANDERSON, Learning Support, D. BORNAIS, Learning Support

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