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Mougins School
Mission, Vision & Values
Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values 

At Mougins British International School we prepare our students to shape tomorrow through excellence in British education, with a global perspective. We support each and every student to help them learn, progress and fulfil their potential.

As they progress through the school, students take more responsibility for their learning, and we encourage them to be active participants in all lessons, working together to explore, question and make sense of the world around them.

At Mougins our educational mission is upheld by our four core values:

We are kind, compassionate and courteous. We take care of ourselves, each other and our environment.


We are all learners who strive to develop and improve. We recognise the importance of effort, mistakes and reflection.


We are reliable,
honest and fair, even
in the face
of challenges.


We are supportive, encouraging and considerate. Together, we celebrate diversity and are committed to equality.

Key principles

The teaching at all GBIS schools is underpinned by four key principles. These are:


Through a broad and balanced curriculum that goes beyond the purely academic, we build a deeper experience of the world.


A great education equips a student to face challenges confidently and manage failure with tenacity and resilience.


We aim to inspire every student to contribute to a more just and sustainable world through their unique talents.


We empower all of our students to discover what achievement means for them, and to achieve the highest qualifications and richest experience available in pursuit of success as a foundation for fulfilling lives.

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