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Mougins School
PTA at Mougins School serving hot chocolat every friday during winter time
PTA at Mougins School

Mougins School Parent-Teacher Association

The mission of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Mougins School is to leverage parents’ participation to foster an inclusive community and contribute to our children’s well-being and success.The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) plays an active role in everyday life at Mougins School and in building our community. Mougins School includes families from 50 different nationalities, cultures and traditions and our community brings together students, parents and teachers alike.  

We are fortunate to have a large network of parents who generously donate their time to this endeavour. Every year the PTA helps to welcome new families to Mougins School, provide proactive communication channels to keep everyone connected and we run many events for our community to enjoy together.

The annual marquee event for the PTA is ‘International Day’ - a whole school event which everyone contributes to and it has become a big celebration of our many nationalities. In addition to this the PTA organizes regular events and activities such as OpenAir Movie Nights, Happy Friday’s, Coffee Mornings, Hiking Club, Business Club, Dog Walking Club and the ever popular Ice Lolly & Hot Chocolate Friday’s for all students.

Every parent at Mougins School is automatically a member of the PTA and in 2022 Mougins School introduced a new PTA Voluntary Contribution which is an optional fund for parents to contribute towards. Ideas for how funds collected are spent each year are submitted and decided on by our entire community. Over 40 ideas were submitted in the first year of this initiative and the winning ideas started to be delivered in Spring 2023 including new outdoor furniture and games for students and recycling bins which supported the School’s new Eco School initiative. 

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People Of Mougins Pia Jensen

“I have personally been an active member of the PTA since my daughter started at Mougins School over 5 years ago. Contributing to the School community, getting to know everyone and building a network of friends across the School has been wonderful and continues to be rewarding and fun every day. Mougins School is affectionately known as a ‘happy school’ and I hope that we, as the PTA, play a big part in that.”

Pia Jensen,
PTA president


We are kind, compassionate and courteous. We take care of ourselves, each other and our environment.


We are all learners who strive to develop and improve. We recognise the importance of effort, mistakes and reflection.


We are reliable, honest and fair, even in the face of challenges.


We are supportive, encouraging and considerate. Together, we celebrate diversity and are committed to equality.

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