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Children playing in the campus of Mougins British International School
About Us

A warm welcome from the Head of School

James Wellings Head of School in Mougins British International School

Welcome to Mougins School! The school is a very special place to learn and a very special place to work. I am privileged to be the Head of School here. We are located near the beautiful hilltop village of Mougins on the Côte d’Azur in the south of France. We are also part of the Sophia Antipolis technology park and surrounded by some of the leading and most innovative companies in France. This provides a setting that is beautifully balanced between the natural world and the best of human innovation.

We have just over 500 wonderful students on campus aged from 3 to 18 and are happy to serve both the local and expatriate community here in Mougins. With over 30 nationalities making up our student population we are a British inspired school with a truly international feel. This combination of our location and our community makes our school a very special place to be.

As the Head of School I believe we have a responsibility to ensure that all of our students can enrich their lives through a wide range of activities and programs that allow them to find their passions. We are values-driven with a focus on student achievement, in whatever form that takes. Education is a journey and learning is a nonlinear process so through effort, perseverance and the embracing of challenges our learners will go on to positively shape the lives of themselves, others and the world around them.

I hope you will come on that journey with us.

James Wellings,
Head of School

Thoughts from the Head

The Learning Curve 240921
  • Thoughts from the Head
Lise Cudin

Welcome to the Learning Curve, 

A few weeks ago Mr Cook wrote a piece for the learning curve on the importance of attendance. I won’t repeat all that he said here but suffice to say that the key messages were: 

  • High levels of school attendance is important and expected. 
  • There is a wealth of research that shows a direct correlation between attendance and achievement. 
  • 90% school attendance or above is expected for all of our students. 

Towards the end of last year and over the early weeks of this new academic year we have been discussing attendance a lot. I have asked us to look at how we can improve it, monitor it and ensure that we challenge poor attendance. We have brought in a new monitoring system and electronic registration program that better allows us to analyse data and highlight concerns. This is now in operation with some final components being added over the break. 

We have overhauled the schools attendance policy and added a new page to the PARENT ROOM which now allows parents to access the policy and it’s related procedures. I urge you to take a look. On this new page you will also find some simple FAQs on what to do if your child is ill or if you wish to request an authorised absence for an upcoming event / appointment etc. 

We now have a week of holiday after a busy half term which has seen lots of new things to get used to. Although tiring it has been a successful one and I am happy with the progress we are making. Our teachers are getting a very well deserved break too so please take the time to say thanks or wish them a nice vacation if you can. They too have had to get to new rhythms and systems this half term. 

Finally, a big thank you to all of our families. I have greatly enjoyed spending time with and talking to our students and having discussions with all of you. I am pleased to see our values being lived both on and off campus and feel confident and excited for the next half term. 

After the break you can expect more information on our strategic plan as well as information sessions for parents on assessment, reporting and the curriculum. Onwards we go! 

Have a lovely break.

James Wellings
Head of School

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