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Outdoor Learning at Mougins school
Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning at Mougins School

At Mougins School, we wholeheartedly believe that learning does not only take place inside the classroom. Time spent outdoors often provides children with the most memorable learning experiences and can help them to make sense of the world around them by putting their lessons into a meaningful context. We have a fully equipped outdoor classroom that can be used by the different year groups.

In early years and primary school especially, we are passionate about enhancing learning experiences by using the outdoors as much as possible. We often see classes of children outside using the wonderful space around school to practically embed concepts they are working on.

For example, we may take a maths lesson outside and write challenges onto the playground surface in chalk, or set up measuring tasks around the school. Or it may even be in hunting for minibeasts or a traffic survey.

School in the woods

In our early years and Key Stage 1 classes we have introduced a new idea of ‘School in the Woods’ where classes are taken into the woods surrounding the school for some of their timetabled lessons. While this is a fun activity and much enjoyed by the children, lessons are planned carefully by the staff to ensure that curriculum time is being followed.
School in the woods, outdoor learning
forest around mougins school

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