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Mougins School
Primary Mougins British International School

What to expect at Mougins primary school

Mougins primary school provides a nurturing environment for pupils aged 3-11, supporting them through the crucial first years of learning and understanding the world around them.

In our Nursery and Reception classes, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage of the English National Curriculum, while from Form 1 onwards we follow Key Stages 1 and 2 – an engaging, challenging and thought-inspiring curriculum, allowing scope for children to achieve their full potential.

A welcome from our Head of Primary

Christine Bearman head of Primary

"I am very proud to be the Head of Primary here at Mougins School. In our primary school we recognise every student as an individual who brings a unique combination of experience, attitude and abilities. Our passion and focus is to provide a nurturing environment as children begin their journey towards a love of lifelong learning.

We recognise that many children within the school will be new to English and most are living in a new country away from family – this makes school an important place of security for our children. Experienced and dedicated teachers strive to build a caring community within their classrooms as well as throughout the school, and it becomes a secure place where the children can learn to be part of a group while developing a positive self-identity.

Children have every resource they need to enjoy their work and to maximise their learning. Developing understanding in English is crucial to us and staff are supported in this by a whole school inclusion team. We work hard to develop early English-speaking skills to ensure that children can access the curriculum as soon as possible. Regular assessments and feedback are crucial in monitoring progress towards this.

Technology is used as a support and enhancement of learning, rather than a lead for the learning. We are committed to providing this balanced approach towards learning in an ever-changing and developing world.

We embrace a STEAM approach to learning, where children can explore and experience this world through a more practical, physical and critical thinking approach from the early stages of education to inspire dialogue and make new discoveries.

Within the stunning school surroundings, we all love to see our children happy and engaged in the joy of learning.

We welcome you to our primary community here at Mougins school."

Christine Bearman,
Head of Primary

Early years at Mougins School: The LaunchPad

Early years education builds the foundation for a lifelong love of learning, and at Mougins School, we are dedicated to providing a fun, stimulating and secure environment for these important formative years. Children are introduced to a wonderful hands-on environment that tailors the learning specifically to each child's interests. We follow the English Early Years Foundation Stage framework which sets standards for the learning, development and care of children up to 5 years old.

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Primary years at Mougins school

During the Primary phase, children begin to develop a sense of independence and to feel more “grown-up”, while making progress in literacy, numeracy, and social skills.

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Developing understanding in English is crucial to us.

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