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Mougins School
Students working hard to get good results

Academic results at Mougins School

After the recent release of A-Level results, Mougins School is thrilled to extend our congratulations to all our students for their outstanding achievements. We applaud their unwavering dedication and hard work, which have made them exceptional role models for our younger peers.

This year, the students of Mougins School have achieved great results, with 60% of grades landing in the A*-A range. These results are higher than the UK average of 27% for A*-A grades, showcasing the exceptional academic standards upheld at Mougins School, where 42% of our students achieved this distinction.

Furthermore, we are delighted to share that an incredible 96% of our students who applied received offers from their first-choice universities. These prestigious institutions include Amsterdam University College, Imperial College London, Oxford University, Purdue University, St Andrews, and the University of Pennsylvania. Remarkably, 100% of our students have successfully secured places in the courses of their choice.

We are equally thrilled to announce that our IGCSE results have been wonderful, with 52% of grades within the A*-A range. This achievement spans across a diverse spectrum of 19 subjects, securing our students' first class access to our A Level programme.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our top IGCSE students, Axel, Connor, Emily, Eveline, and Raphael who collectively achieved over 42 A and A* grades between them! 

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