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After completing the IGCSE exams, students can continue on to study for A-levels, a required qualification for entry into uni
A Levels

Sixth form at Mougins School

Sixth form is an optional stage of education in the British system, also known as post-16 education.

After completing the IGCSE exams, students can continue on to study for A-levels, a required qualification for entry into university. Alternatively they can choose to pursue BTEC qualifications, designed to provide training for practical careers. Sixth form covers Years 12 and 13, and the lessons are developed around both Key Stage 5 of the English National Curriculum and the specific learning requirements for each subject.

Students can choose from a range of subjects at A-level, which prepare them to access a wide range of degree-level qualifications at universities throughout the United Kingdom, France, the USA, Europe and the rest of the world. We also offer BTEC qualifications for those who wish to continue their studies in a more practical field such as engineering, health and social care, and travel and tourism.

Studying for A-levels at Mougins School

At the end of Key Stage 5, in Year 13, our students sit A-level (Advanced Levels), the final exams of their school career. The results of these exams are used to determine university places at institutions in the UK and around the world. A-level courses are designed for specialist study and provide excellent preparation for the rigorous demands of top-class universities.

In Year 12, students study for the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) exams and in Year 13 the Advanced Level (A-level) qualification, for which they will be asked to choose four (or occasionally five) subjects.

During these two years, students have the opportunity to study English and maths with two different teachers. This innovative way of teaching allows us to provide two learning approaches to help each student better understand advanced subjects and benefit from different perspectives to deepen their understanding.

A-level choices include:


Art and design








Computer science


English literature








Modern foreign languages (French, Spanish)




BTEC sport



At Mougins School the subjects offered are from one the following examination boards, with the following qualifications:

  • Cambridge Assessment International Education – CAIE
  • Pearson Edexcel International AS/A Levels – IAL
  • Pearson Edexcel Linear A Levels
  • Pearson BTEC International Level 3
Sixth Form (première et terminale) à Mougins School
Se préparer aux examens du A-level à Mougins School
La sixième forme est une étape facultative de l'éducation dans le système britannique, également connue sous le nom d'éducati

How to select A-level subjects

A-levels are a jump up in difficulty from IGCSE, and it’s important that students select subjects that they are interested in so that they are motivated to put in the time and effort needed to succeed at A-level. At this stage in their education, students are expected and encouraged to study more independently.

Some future careers require certain A-level subjects, so it’s a good idea for students to do plenty of research ahead of time if they are interested in a particular career path.

Frequently Asked Questions about the A-level programme at Mougins School

Support to succeed: the sixth form mentor programme

Mougins School offers a mentor program thanks to a dedicated team of learning mentors made up of members of the teaching staff who advise and support our sixth form students.

Mentors are usually paired with a student who is interested in entering into a similar field in which the mentor teaches. Together they focus on university applications, including writing reference letters, assisting students to write their scholarly statements and the admissions process in general.

The goals of the programme are to raise each mentee's academic attainment and future aspirations, aid them to prepare themselves for the transition to higher education and monitor their well-being in what can be a very stressful time for students.

                               Learn more about university preparation at Mougins School

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