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Mougins School
Thrive programme at Mougins School
Thrive programme

Thrive programme at Mougins School

All students at Mougins British International School take part in our Thrive programme, designed to help our students develop into confident, knowledgeable, skilled and well-rounded young people.

Thrive courses are split into four different areas:

À l’école britannique internationale Mougins School, tous les élèves prennent part au programme Thrive, un programme conçu po

Thrive timetable

Over the course of the year, pupils will take courses in each of the four different areas. Thrive courses are held from 3-4pm every day except Wednesdays. For those in Year 3 and above, the programme is mandatory, while children in Nursery, Reception, and Years 1 and 2, can choose whether to take part, or finish their school day at 3pm.

James Wellings Head of School in Mougins British International School
"Thrive is a programme that is designed to encourage students to find and develop passions and interests that may exist outside of a traditional school curriculum. By electing and experiencing a range of activities linked to our four themes of The Self, The Thinker, The Creative and The Community, our students will acquire and develop new knowledge and skills. The program requires students to make choices from the domains to ensure they are trying new things and discovering new opportunities. By engaging in fun, challenging and worthwhile experiences students can develop as learners and people. When combined with our academic curriculum we believe that the program can help our students to thrive.”
James Wellings,
Head of School.

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