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Mougins School
students have the opportunity to express themself with art at mougins school

Art at Mougins School

Studying art helps our students develop creativity, problem-solving skills, hand-to-eye coordination and an appreciation for history and culture. Arts education is a fundamental part of the curriculum at Mougins School and our passionate team of art teachers strive to deliver an inspiring, engaging and practical learning environment.

Our projects in the classroom not only build students’ technical skills but also their creative and critical thinking. We believe art should not only be about aesthetic quality but also a platform for communicating ideas to do with personal, cultural and political issues.

During their art classes our students grow in confidence in observational drawing through a range of drawing techniques and will explore, play and experiment with a range of two dimensional and three dimensional media. They will explore themes and learn about different artists, designers and crafts makers, in order to develop their conceptual and contextual understanding of art in a cultural and historical context. At GCSE our students study Edexcel Fine Art and at A-level have the opportunity to carry on with Edexcel Art, Craft and Design.

We display artworks from all year groups around the school to celebrate achievements and to inspire all pupils to develop a love of the subject.

Take a look at a selection of work from our GCSE and A level Art and Design students:

View Artworks

Art exhibition in Mougins British International School made by our students
Student art learning a level Art at Mougins British International School
art at Mougins British International School
Student art learning a level Art at Mougins British International School
Art in Mougins British International School
Beautiful art created by our student at Mougins British International School

Why Study Art?

"It’s a big question, one with lots of potential answers. The resources below share various perspectives, but before you dive in it might be helpful (or troublesome, perhaps) – whether you are a parent or student – to reflect on your own ambitions, agendas, experiences and biases.

Studying art can mean different things to different people. Open-mindedness, critical thinking and authenticity – skills that studying art can certainly develop – are important at this point of decision making."

Chris Francis

Consider reading Why Study Art written by artist educator Chris Francis to help understand whether studying art is right for you.

Explore the website Creative Journeys. Here you can listen to a range of people, who work in the creative industries as they talk about what their job involves and how they got there.

You can watch this short video from the Tate Museum that explains how studying art can benefit students. And here you’ll find some further information about specific jobs within the creative industries.

A student from secondary learning about art in Mougins British International School

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