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Extracurricular activity at Mougins School
Mougins School

Mougins School Health Centre

Mougins School is proud to have qualified and dedicated staff offering a range of at-school services such as nursing, first aid training, health and wellbeing initiatives.

Alison Vibert Health and Wellbeing Officer

"I started at Mougins School in 2020, when I came to support the return to school following the first COVID lockdown. My role at the school is constantly evolving. In addition to my nursing duties, I am significantly involved in COVID management, health risk assessments, and am a designated safeguarding lead. I intend to continue to develop my role and am excited about the future of Mougins School!"

Alison Vibert,
Health and Wellbeing Officer

Care provided by the Medical Office:

Our nurse is present throughout the entire school day to support the physical and mental well-being of pupils, staff and the larger Mougins school community. The medical room is fully equipped and always open to serve as a safe and caring environment for the entire school.

First Aid / Emergency care available:
  • Medication administration directed by the parents/guardians (as per medicines policy)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of minor issues; parental/guardian first contact
  • Hospital referral/emergency services call
  • Admission of students into the nursing office for recovery, awaiting parents/guardians
  • Safeguarding
  • Mental Health first aid
  • First Aid training for staff and students
  • General Practitioner referral
  • Development of individual health care plans for students with chronic health conditions
  • Health Policy development and review

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Covid protocol at Mougins School
students wearing mask in Mougins School

COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic still presents the most serious public health crisis the world has experienced in many years. At Mougins School, we are doing everything possible to ensure good hygiene practice and take a safety-first approach, with clear protocols in the event that anyone in our community tests COVID-19, develops symptoms or becomes unwell. As teachers, families and students, we have a duty to each other to observe the rules in place.

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Supporting the physical and mental well-being of pupils.

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