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Mougins School Shines on Globeducate's VIIIth Academic Olympics in Paris
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We are thrilled to share that Mougins School Year 9 students, guided by our Head of School, James Wellings, have been showcasing their intellectual prowess on the world stage at the Globeducate's 8th Academic Olympics in Paris. Our 5 students were engaged in a series of intellectually stimulating challenges during this event designed to test their teamwork, logical reasoning, and proficiency across science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM): a great opportunity for Mougins School to shine!

A Unique Twist: "Paris, A Playing Field":

Mougins School Shines on Globeducate's VIIIth Academic Olympics in Paris

Adding an adventurous twist to the competition, participants, including the five students from Mougins School, navigated through an orienteering trail that wound its way through key locations in the city. The theme, "Paris, A Playing Field," not only added an element of excitement but also encouraged students to explore and appreciate the rich cultural tapestry of the city.

Fostering More Than Competition:

Beyond the academic challenges, the Globeducate Academic Olympics served as a platform that fostered values such as team spirit, respect, perseverance, and a genuine passion for learning. Mougins School's representation contributed to building lasting international friendships and enriching their understanding of different cultures.

The emphasis on applying knowledge in real-life scenarios during the Academic Olympics allowed our students to showcase their skills beyond traditional academic competitions. Undoubtedly, the hands-on experience gained during the event is sure to leave a lasting impact, equipping our students with practical skills for the future.

Cultivating Global Bonds:

The participation of Mougins School's Year 9 students in this international event exemplifies the school's commitment to cultivating global connections. Students not only competed but also had the opportunity to connect with other students from Globeducate's schools around the world, sharing experiences and creating lasting memories. These interactions further contribute to Mougins School's dedication to fostering a global community of learners.

The academic olympics has been a wonderful event that has allowed our 5 participants to work and compete with hundreds of children from around Europe. Paris has been a magnificent backdrop for there learning and exploration and the city has been central in all of the challenges they have completed. It has genuinely been a unique experience.
James Wellings, Head of school.

Mougins School Shines on Globeducate's VIIIth Academic Olympics in Paris

Mougins School emerged not only as a participant but as a beacon of success at Globeducate's 8th Academic Olympics in Paris. The experiences gained, friendships forged, and lessons learned during this global event will undoubtedly shape the future endeavours of our students. Our vision is to continue nurturing a community of learners who are not only academically proficient but also compassionate, globally-minded individuals prepared to contribute positively to the world. We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to this success, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting educational journey that lies ahead

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