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Mougins School: And they're off...
Paul Michael

The first term in The Sixth Form for our Year 13s is always highly charged. Students have by now, mostly, decided the answer to the following questions: 

Which course do you want to study?
What country would best suit your academic and personal hopes? 
How many years are you intending to study? 
Will it be a Bachelor of Arts or Science? 
Is there a year in industry? 
Will a masters track programme be best?

The above list is not, as you can imagine, exhaustive or encyclopaedic. As you can also believe, to get students to be confident in answering these questions takes much groundwork. 

Our LifeMatters programme, which we have written about before, covers so much of this and our students are very fortunate to have a superb team of teachers and experts on hand at MBIS to help them formulate their choices. 

All of this sounds like hard work and it would be wrong to say is isn’t. Steering personal statements to their best outcome, collating and creating references that truly reflect a student’s genuine academic and personal potential requires much teamwork and collaboration. 

It is, though, an absolute joy to help our students reach their goals. It is, in short, why so many people enter the education profession in the first place. And this term, we are already delighted to see our collective efforts reap real rewards. 

Students have already been receiving offers and invitations from universities in the UK, USA, the EU and further afield. Some big names here, too: Stamford, Imperial, Manchester, Birmingham, Exeter to name but a few. 

It is the culmination of not just the students and staff working together in the Sixth Form, but quite often the trail of support and encouragement goes all the way back to the Early Years at MBIS where some of our Sixth Formers first started with us. 

We wish them all the very best over the next few weeks and months as they aim to reach their highest ambitions. 

Paul Michael

Head of Secondary

  • Secondary