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Global Perspectives on Air Pollution: AS Chemistry Students Take the Lead
  • Secondary Matters
Raphaël Lalonde, Year 12 student at Mougins School

AS chemistry students recently presented to the Year 11 IGCSE classes the dangers, current situations, and solutions with air pollution.

Global Research Initiatives

The older students therefore all carried out research tasks on different cities, giving a global perspective of this issue while also consolidating what they studied as part of their syllabus.

City-Specific Investigations

A common foundation of knowledge on the subject was made, while each group also went further into specific cities ranging from Burkina Faso, to Italy, to Canada, and more. As a result, the challenges and solutions of air pollution, unique to each city’s geographical and social context, were analyzed and understood.

Educational Impact

For the younger students, this allowed them to learn beyond their syllabi on an important subject for their future, relevant to today. This initiative aimed to inspire a sense of awareness and responsibility for these environmental issues.

as chemistry students take the lead

Overall all the students involved enjoyed the experience, and had the opportunity to further both their academic and community skills & knowledge, with Mr. Hallett receiving a smokestack of positive feedback from his students even a week after the event.
This was in addition to and in the spirit of our Eco-School credentials.

Raphaël Lalonde,
Year 12 student at Mougins School

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