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Attestation Scolaire de Sécurité Routière with Mougins School
Robert COOKE

This week over 100 students from Mougins British International School travelled to the College Compeliere in Mougins to sit their Attestation Scolaire de Sécurité Routière (ASSR) 1 and 2 tests. 

Important certificate for their driving licence

We strongly recommend that your child when in Y8 sit the ASSR 1 and in Y10 the ASSR 2. These are important certificates for their future. Unfortunately we are not in control of where and when the tests happen as we are informed by the Education Nationale of the dates and it is only through them that the certificates can be issued. These documents again are important and must be kept safely for when they sit their driving license as the ASSR 2 is needed to verify the license. 

Car without licence

While we encourage all our students about the importance of sitting these tests we would ask parents to reflect seriously on allowing their child to drive at the age of 14 years old a ‘voiture sans permis’ (car without license). The roads in France are at times challenging and in the past some of our students have found themselves in difficult situations because of minor accidents or aggressive drivers. At 14 years old, often our students lack the maturity and responsibility to deal with, at times, complex situations that often involve the police. As educators it is also our role to keep all our students safe and healthy and giving a student more mobility and freedom is not always the solution for their well-being and safety.

We are also witnessing this year a proliferation of voiture sans permis in the school, with students driving at times dangerously and parking their vehicles badly. It is now becoming a real challenge to allocate parking spaces in school for all students.


ASSR 1 & 2 with Mougins School

The ASSR 1 and ASSR 2 certificates, issued in junior high school, cover knowledge of the risks and rules applicable to each type of user: pedestrians, cyclists, moped riders, car passengers and future car drivers.

This theoretical training takes place in two stages, in the Year 8 and Year 10 and our students need these qualifications when they take their Driving license. The ASSR 1 or the ASSR 2 allows you to register for the road safety certificate (BSR), which in turn allows you to obtain the AM category of driving license.

The ASSR 2 is compulsory for people under 21 years of age to obtain a first category of driving license, i.e. categories :

A1 or A2 (motorcycle license) ;


B (car license);


B1 (heavy motor quadricycle license).

In Positive Education and in French our students look at the Code de Route to help them understand the dangers of roads but also to help them with their ASSR tests.

We wish all our students all the best this week in the ASSR tests and that they always remember that a license does not replace their vigilance on the  road and their responsibility and maturity when driving.


Mr Robert Cooke 
Deputy Head of Safeguarding and Well-being

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