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The Learning Curve

Robert Cooke

Dear Parents

At Mougins British International School this year we are making  Attendance a Strategic Objective to help improve the academic chances of our students and to ensure that our school is a positive and friendly environment for all our students.

Studies have shown that good attendance leads to good exam results. A child at school is usually an indication of a child happy with their peers and learning.

We would ask for the help of our students and parents to all help in making our Attendance at MBIS as high as possible, 95%, this would be greatly appreciated.

Achieving 90 percent in an exam or test is a fantastic result but if your child is at school for only 90 percent of the school year then they will have missed 19 days - almost four whole weeks of school. For primary-age children, this can mean almost 120 guided learning hours. This is a big gap for any child to make up.

Some Tips to help:
Make great school attendance a priority for your child.
Talk to your child about the importance of daily attendance in every class and how it helps his/her learning. 
When students miss so much school they will not be prepared for Primary learning to read fluently by their third year, failing courses in middle school and dropping out of Secondary school.  
Help your child develop good habits
Help your child practice good daily habits like:
finishing homework and placing it in his/her backpack
laying out clothes and the backpack in the evening
having a regular bedtime for a good night's sleep
leaving early enough in the morning to get to school on time
turn off electronic devices one hour before bedtime. 
Help your child build responsibility skills by reminding them to make up any missed school work after an absence.

When your child is sick 
Only let your child stay home if he/she is truly sick.
Sometimes complaints of a headache or stomach ache might be a sign of anxiety and not a reason to stay home. 
Contact the class teacher in Primary school or the Form tutor in Secondary School

Inform the class teacher or Form tutor.
Ask Mr Paul Michael or Mrs Christine Bearman for Authorized absence for visa’s/ exceptional medical appointments or special family circumstances.
Use Google classroom to ensure your child does not fall behind.
Talk with your teen about classes
Ask about his/her school day.
Learn which classes are engaging your teen's interests.
Discuss ways to increase interest in classes your teen does not find engaging.
Stay on top of your teen's academic progress and attendance at MBIS

 Ask your teen if he/she feels safe from bullies and other threats.
Stay on top of your teen's social contacts.
Discuss peer pressure and social isolation.
Feeling pressure from other teens or feeling lonely at school can lead to skipping or missing school.
Encourage meaningful after school activities, including Thrive, sports and clubs.
If your teen is feeling unsafe, losing interest and/or missing school, get help from the school through the tutor or our school nurse Mrs Alison Vibert

Heading toward graduation
Talk about the importance of qualifications such as IGCSE’S and A level’s for their future.
Make it clear that missing school is unacceptable.

Thanks for your help and support with this 

Mr Robert Cooke

Head of Safeguarding