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The Learning Curve

Autumn Celebration at Mougins School: A Vibrant Harvest Festival
  • Primary Matters

As the summer's warmth lingered longer than expected, Mougins School embraced the spirit of autumn in its annual Autumn Celebration. This event showcased the creativity and compassion of the primary students, with a special focus on the Harvest Festival, a lovely afternoon filled with art, text, and music, all dedicated to honouring the season and making meaningful contributions to the community.

The Learning Journey of Primary Children Unveiled

Before the Celebration, the Head of Primary, Christine Bearman, took the stage to deliver a presentation on "The Learning Journey of Primary Children." Her presentation emphasised the progression of students through the Primary Curriculum, shedding light on the growth and development of young minds as they move through their early educational years. It was a valuable insight for parents, giving them a deeper understanding of the educational journey their children were on.

“It was wonderful to have many parents attending this meeting with so much interest in the potential for further sessions to delve deeper into understanding what their children are learning and how they can best support them throughout their journey” Christine BEARMAN, Head of Primary at Mougins School


Embracing the Harvest Tradition

The Harvest Festival is a cherished global tradition where communities unite to celebrate the abundant harvest and extend their good fortune to those in need. Mougins School took this tradition to heart, providing its young students with a unique opportunity to not only grasp the significance of the harvest but also to share their talents and generosity with the broader community.

One of the most captivating aspects of the celebration was the primary students' involvement. They had worked tirelessly to create art pieces that reflected the autumn season. From colourful paintings of pumpkins to dances with falling leaves to clay sculptures, their talents shone through every piece on display. These young artists also composed texts exploring how various cultures celebrate the autumn season, Thanksgiving, or other cultural distinctions.

One of the standout moments of the afternoon was the magnificent choir performance held in the school's community area. Parents greatly appreciated the unique opportunity to witness their children performing at this stage of their educational journey.

Giving Back to the Community

However, the Autumn Celebration extended beyond artistic expression and enchanting melodies; it was also a platform for giving back to the community. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to the parents who generously donated food, and through the PTA's bake sales efforts, managed to raise 355 €, which was donated to Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres, a charitable organization in Nice. This act of kindness vividly demonstrated the school's commitment to nurturing a sense of social responsibility in its students from a young age.


The Autumn Celebration at Mougins School was a wonderful event that not only brought the school community together but also fostered a sense of appreciation for the beauty of the season and the importance of giving back. As the afternoon drew to a close, it seamlessly transitioned into the PTA Happy Friday event, making it a perfect conclusion to a day filled with warmth, creativity, and community spirit.

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