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Lise Cudin


During October we will celebrate Cultural Diversity month in Mougins School. This is linked to Black History Month and helps our students acquire mature and empathetic interpretations to Cultural and historical topics such as the Slave Trade, Womens Rights and different Cultures from China to Africa.

In all our subjects we cover diversity and the importance of respect for all Cultures, Religions, Race, Sexality and Gender. In English we look at the speech The danger of the Single story by Chimamanda Ngozi Ardichie and the newspaper report from The Guardian Young and Dyslexic by Benjamin Zephaniah.

At Mougins our educational mission is upheld by our four core values:

Our School values of Respect, Learning, Community and Integrity re-affirm our intentions to support Cultural Diversity and to promote healthy, positive Global perspectives.

What is Black History Month in the United Kingdom?

A festival of celebration

Catherine Ross, Editor at Black History Month UK, explained why they are launching the campaign: “It’s been a challenging time for many Black and Brown people, with so much in the media about racism, inequality and injustice. We wanted the theme of Black History Month 2021 to focus on celebrating being Black or Brown, and to inspire and share the pride people have in their heritage and culture – in their own way, in their own words.

By asking people to share what they are Proud To Be we can share both individual stories and the vast richness of diversity that Black and Brown people bring to the UK.

Black Lives Matter means people being able to live life to the fullest without having to compromise who they are. Everyone deserves the right to be Proud To Be everything they are
and want to be in life.”

At Mougins School we use all our subjects to promote strong and healthy values but it is in Positive Education that students will look at issues such as Cultural Diversity and Black history Month.

Black History Month 2020


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