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Creative Collaboration: Drawing a fève
  • Secondary Matters
MFL Department

In association with the Boulangerie "Le Pain d'Olivier" in Mougins, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 French classes at our school will be taking part in a drawing competition with three other schools in Mougins.  Two drawings per school will be chosen as the basis for the creation of the “fève”for 2024.

What is a fève?

Every January, when Epiphany rings (on the 6th or first Sunday in January), the galette des rois makes a comeback at family dinners and tea parties with friends. It's a tradition that goes back to the dawn of time. At least, since the Romans.

The bean, before being this little porcelain object, was a vegetable.. It has long been a symbol of life. Today, in each galette made, the baker introduces a bean that will be used to designate the "king" among the guests sharing the galette. 

The winning students will win a galette des rois made by the bakers, with the winning design inside, of course. A box of beans will be given to each participating school. Hurra!

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