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Celebrating Student Leadership: Primary Student Council's Easter Activities Organised with Diligence and Creativity
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Christine Bearman

As the Easter weekend approaches, it's time to acknowledge the incredible efforts of our primary student council in organising a series of engaging and delightful activities for our department. Led by a team of enthusiastic young leaders, the primary student council has worked tirelessly to bring some joy to our school community in a memorable way.

From decorations to interactive games, the primary student council has truly outdone themselves. Their dedication and creativity have not only enriched the Easter experience for our students but also exemplified the importance of student leadership and collaboration.

easter at mougins school

The students have planned a variety of interactive activities to engage students of all ages. The children all enjoyed the challenge of an alternative Where’s Wally’s Easter egg hunt. Each class took part in the spin the egg competition and also decorated their own hard boiled eggs together. The final week of a football competition for years 3 to 6 saw the children all supporting each other in the games they played. A huge thank you must go out to Darren, our lunchtime supervisor, who volunteered to act as referee and support for the student council with this activity. These activities not only provide entertainment but also encourage creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills among our students. The week came to an egg-citing end with the arrival of the Easter Bunny who joined us in our assembly to award stickers to those who won competitions and kindly left baskets of chocolate bunny lollies for all of our children.

Behind the scenes, the primary student council team has demonstrated remarkable organisational skills and leadership qualities. They have effectively delegated tasks, managed resources, and overcome challenges to ensure the success of the Easter activities. Their ability to work together cohesively and adapt to changing circumstances is truly commendable.

The primary student council's Easter activities are a testament to the power of student leadership and collaboration. Their hard work and dedication have enriched the Easter experience for our department and highlighted the importance of inclusivity, creativity, and compassion.
As we celebrate with our families this weekend, let us take a moment to appreciate the remarkable efforts of our young leaders and support them in their future endeavours.

easter at mougins school

Christine Bearman
Head of Primary

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