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Eco School Energy Saving Initiatives: A Comprehensive Approach
Carmen Burgués

As part of our eco-school project, we have chosen to dedicate this year to the important topic of energy conservation. While you might expect us to focus solely on saving electricity, our ambitions go further. This year's challenge is to reduce the carbon footprint of all activities within our school.


We have already done a survey in the canteen to know the origin of the products. We learn that they come mostly from local producers and we buy most vegetables and fruit only when in season. We are on the right track. We are also working on a project to have a vegetable garden behind the primary school building because we want to give the students the opportunity to be environmentally aware and learn about growing vegetables. An interesting development to note is that our broccoli seems to be a favorite among caterpillars, which may transform our garden into a science project as well!

vegetable garden behind the primary school
eco transport week


There are also energy improvements related to transportation. The eco-delegates are working on the “ECO TRANSPORT WEEK” a project to improve transport management either by car sharing or by promoting fun activities to raise awareness.




A major focus is on electricity. The school has made strides in installing solar panels, window thermal solar film and replacing conventional light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs and motion sensors. We hope that the solar panels are not just a source of energy but a source of inspiration for our students, igniting their interest in the future of renewable power. Eco-delegates from both primary and secondary schools are conducting awareness campaigns among students. We're also planning various energy-related activities, including a visit to the power waste recovery plant in Antibes.

The Eco school project thrives with the participation of eco-delegates, students, PTA members, teachers, and school staff. We appreciate the collective effort in this vital endeavor. Thank you all!

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