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 ‘The time has come to talk of many things…’ - Carroll
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Paul Michael

The end of a school year always offers A natural moment to reflect on the year that has been, the peaks and challenges that have been conquered, and to enjoy the warmth of good memories that have been created over the last nine months. 

Today, however, I would like to start with looking forward, rather than looking backwards.

This year, as ever, we have students who have received wonderful offers to study at the university destination of their choice. 

We will publish the full list in the new year but take a moment to appreciate the talent and successes below which are but a snapshot of the year’s highlights:  

- Klara received a scholarship for excellence from IE university to study Business 
- LeillaBella received a scholarship to study Fashion Management at IFM Paris
- Ethan received a scholarship to study Business Management at Iowa University
- Sacha received an unconditional offer to study Games Animation at LISAA
- Vasilisa received an unconditional offer to study Music at Berklee
- Gabrio is going to study Environmental Earth Sciences at St Andrews University

and elsewhere, students are heading to universities ranging from Aix-en-Provence, Amsterdam and Prague, to Bristol, UCL, King’s College London, Bath, and many, many more. 

The A Level programme, recognised worldwide as a ‘gold standard’ of education, encourages our students to push themselves towards university readiness in a way that is genuinely fulfilling. 

Our teachers, year upon year, rise to this most enjoyable of challenges. Steering, guiding, nurturing, and encouraging our students to ever higher standards of achievement is one of the true joys of teaching, and seeing our students succeed is so deeply rewarding. 

This produces a wonderful ‘ripple effect’; the achievements of our seniors throw an aspirational challenge to those in our younger years who, time and again, prove themselves in turn. 

Our Eco School student leaders, who helped Mougins become a Gold Medal institution in May, the highest level of ecological global recognition available, are pushing our future pathways of sustainability and environmentalism to new heights. 

Our musicians, inspired by performances they’ve participated in or watched in admiration, pick up new instruments, commit afresh to new lessons, and become the new generation of sensational performers that Mougins has been so blessed to experience and work with over the years. 

Our mathematicians, cheering on the maths olympiad and maths challenge winners in assembly, knuckle down even harder to problem solve and practise their new formulae with renewed vigour.

And so it goes, success breeding success, happiness, and a profound sense of belonging, becoming ever more deeply felt.

As we seek to embrace the rest and rejuvenation that comes with the summer, we will also gear up once again as we look forward to another superb year of success ahead of us. 


End Of Year

Paul Michael
Head of Scondary

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