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Mougins School Gears Up for Energy Efficiency Day: A Green Celebration

Mougins School is set to embrace a day of green initiatives and eco-awareness as it gears up for the Energy Efficiency Day on March 7th. Building on the success of last year's Yellow Day, this school-wide event aims to instil in students a sense of responsibility towards energy conservation and sustainability. With a plethora of activities spanning across various subjects, the day promises an engaging and educational experience for all.

Wear Green and Support those in Need

Encouraging students to wear green will symbolise their commitment to environmental awareness. In alignment with this, the school is organising a donation drive for "Les Restos du Cœur," allowing the whole community to contribute to a greater cause. The food drive emphasises the importance of sustainable practices, minimising waste, and supporting those in need.

Carmen Burgués, the school's eco-coordinator, shares, "I'm thrilled that once again, students have come up with lots of exciting ideas to boost our Energy Efficiency Day at Mougins School. By blending the joy of wearing green with taking positive actions, the event unites everyone in making a real impact. It's not just about us – it's about all of us in the community creating a positive vibe on Energy Efficiency Day."

Energy-Related Lessons

Integrating the theme of energy efficiency into the curriculum is a key aspect of this year’s event. For example, in the Year 3 inclusion Maths class, students will explore temperature differences on a thermometer. By observing changes both inside and outside, they'll learn about the impact on energy consumption, fostering an understanding of the cost associated with heating. This knowledge will hopefully empower students to make informed decisions about energy usage within their own homes.

Year 9: Understanding Oil as an Energy Source

Year 9 students will delve into the complexities of oil as an energy source, exploring sustainability issues and real-world incidents like the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. This lesson aims to broaden students' understanding of human reliance on natural resources and the importance of seeking sustainable alternatives. Discussions will touch upon plans to drill for oil in Namibia's Okavango Delta, emphasising the global impact of energy-related decisions.

Year 7: Visit to Callian Solar Farm

As part of the Local Studies programme, Year 7 students will embark on a field trip to the Callian Solar Farm. This hands-on experience will expose them to sustainable energy practices, showcasing how local communities can contribute to a cleaner and greener future. Students will learn about the possibilities of renewable energy sources, aligning with the curriculum's focus on sustainable energy supply and the school's new solar roof.

French Class: Eco-Friendly Olympics

In the French classes, students will explore how Paris aims to meet the challenge of the greenest Olympic Games. Engaging in debates related to energy and environmental choices further encourages critical thinking and enhances their language skills understanding French culture and society’s commitment to sustainability.

Mougins School's Energy Efficiency Day is a celebration and a concerted effort to educate and inspire the next generation of environmentally conscious individuals. By incorporating energy-related lessons across various subjects, the school aims to equip students with the knowledge and awareness needed to make informed choices that contribute to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Stay tuned!

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