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Fundraising THRIVE
Sarah MICHAEL and Eveline COOPER, Year 11 students
Fundraising THRIVE (enrichment student programme) & Hope

This year saw the launch of the Fundraising THRIVE for Year 10 and 11 students. I am enormously proud of the students who have developed this THRIVE and wanted to reflect on their achievements this year: Sports day face paints, the Primary Winter Party, an Art competition, pancake and bake sales, a thrilling Mario Kart tournament, snacks at the Drama and Music events. We are on track to have raised more than 2500 euros this year for our charity, Hope for Girls and Women in Tanzania. 

Please look out for us on the Tanzania stall on International Day.  You can also read more about the charity and Eveline Cooper’s forthcoming trip to Tanzania this Summer below. This, truly, is the start of something fantastic.

But the Fundraising team is also part of something bigger for Mougins British International School. 

Research by Martin Seligman has led to the development of the PERMA-V framework, a model of wellbeing and happiness. There is a huge body of work that shows that young people (and indeed all of us) can flourish by focusing on the 6 facets of PERMA-V; 


P fostering positive emotions, 
E engaging in meaningful activities, 
R nurturing relationships, 
M finding a sense of meaning and purpose, 
A achieving goals, 
V maintaining vitality. 


At Mougins School, we are committed to delivering Positive Education. Parents and students will, increasingly, see a focus on embedding these core tenets into our curriculum. Charity and outreach work is one of the best ways to support students in enhancing their own wellbeing and happiness. Meanwhile, those students who joined us on The Journey this year certainly achieved their goals and focused on vitality, whether kayaking under the Pont d’Arc or catching their first wave in Biarritz. All of this is a taste of what’s to come over the next few years at Mougins British International School.


About HOPE

According to the United Nations, in the Mara region of Tanzania, 32% of women aged between 15 and 49 report having undergone FGM. Rhobi Samwelly, a Tanzanian activist, launched Hope for Girls and Women in 2017. Rhobi's personal experience as a child of being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) inspired her lifelong dedication to fighting for the rights of girls and women. The organization operates two safe houses in Tanzania's Butiama and Serengeti Districts, which shelter and help persons suffering FGM, child marriage, and other types of gender-based violence.

So far, the Fundraising THRIVE has worked hard to raise funds which go towards supporting girls and women in Tanzania and Kenya. We have thus far raised $1440 which will be used to house 40 girls with bunk beds, and a further $640 will be used either to restore safe houses or to help send a girl to school to achieve her dream to become a dentist. 

In July, my cousin and I (Eveline Cooper, yr 11) will be starting a project which will teach girls in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya how to make and sew reusable sanitary pads, which they will then be able to make and resell after we leave, making money for themselves from this. I will be buying bed sheets which will be used to make the pads, that each cost $11. This has been proven to work as my cousin hosted a workshop last year in the Butiama district of Tanzania. 21 girls made over 100 pads which they were able to sell at markets and put towards personal needs. Although, we need your support in raising funds to buy these bed sheets that I can bring to Tanzania. Myself and the fundraising THRIVE encourage you to help us raise the money necessary. By doing such, you will be supporting young girls to achieve their dreams and learn to confidently and successfully make their own way in the world. Thank you for donating.

Eveline Cooper,
Year 11 student

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