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The Learning Curve

Globeducate's mission is to prepare each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world.
  • Primary Matters
Jonathon Syson

In Year 4, this year, we have used our Topic work to provide cross-curricular learning opportunities to inspire the children’s learning. Our Topics of study; Ancient Egypt, The Vikings and Where are we? enable the pupils not only to study History and Geography, but they also provide stimuli for accessing other subjects, such as English, Positive Education,  but can be used in other subjects too such as Science and even Maths.

This term, Year 4 pupils are learning about their place in the world. We started the unit by discussing with the children where our place is in the world geographically and we are investigating our role as global citizens. 
Being an International School with a student population from many countries around the world gives the children a unique insight into their position in a global society.  The children show a good understanding of the similarities and differences of different cultures.

Learning about Our Location

The Year 4 children showed a great interest in learning about where we are by zooming in on the Earth from space, to see the continents of the world, the countries that make them up and the regions that make up each country. They then used this information to compare and contrast different locations around the world.

Sharing Experiences

The children are currently preparing and presenting projects about their home countries, or countries that they have an interest in. They are delighted to share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of the class and to become the teacher.

Global Citizens

For the rest of the term we will develop our Geographical skills in a more hands on way. We hope to try these skills out for real towards the end of the term as we venture out on a school trip. Watch this space!

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