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The VIII Globeducate MUN
Jennifer WALLACE, Michelle VAN BUUREN, Lise CUDIN

From 21 to 24 March, almost 200 students from Globeducate schools around the world gathered in Nice for the VIII annual Globeducate Model United Nations. Mougins British International School and the International School of Nice (ISN), together with Hetis, and with the support of Ville de Nice, were pleased to welcome high school students trying out their diplomatic skills.

the VIII annual Globeducate Model United Nations.

A prestigious event 


The VIII Globeducate MUN got off to a flying start with a moving and timely Opening Ceremony which underlined the importance of cooperation, international-mindedness and the urgent need to protect our planet for future generations.

We welcomed students from 26 Globeducate schools around the world to the beautiful amphitheater of the Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen, on the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice. We heard opening speeches from Madame Maty Diouf, Deputy Mayor of Nice, and responsible for the fight against discrimination, women's rights, international solidarity and humanitarian action, Ms. Christiane Amiel, Delegate for International Relations and Partnerships and ISN Director Mel Curtis reminding students to take the opportunity to network and make lifelong friends. 

Likewise, Mougins School Director James Wellings highlighted that students would leave the event more knowledgeable and accomplished, but also with more friends, adding “There will be experiences and stories over the next four days that you will remember for life. I guarantee you'll think back on your time at MUN on the Côte d'Azur as you journey into adulthood and beyond.”

UN Agenda 

 VIII annual Globeducate Model United Nations

Students spent the rest of the MUN in their committees, lobbying for the resolutions that would be debated and voted upon over the next three days in the Campus Sud Des Métiers, a new CCI (the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Campus that offers industry-related apprenticeships and training courses in a wide variety of fields.

MUN, defined as an academic simulation of the United Nations, aims to educate participants on current events, international relations issues, diplomacy and the UN agenda. This year's theme of sustainability and society had allowed students to debate human rights, security and development of populations.

The delegates worked in the following committees:
- The disarmament of the United Nations
- The G7
- The Human Rights Council
- UN Economic and Social Policy
- UN Security.

Alberto Lliteras, MUN Coordinator at Agora Portals, shared with us: 
“MUN allows students to practice many skills including negotiation, diplomacy, leadership, public speaking and formal writing. It is a very useful and high-intensity exercise, the prelude to an adult life where they will have to put such skills to use. The highlight has been seeing the students interacting and lobbying, all the while working on their public speaking skills.
This crisis exercise today has been a great challenge for them to make quick decisions in a limited time frame and use real diplomacy!”


Celebrating each committee

 VIII annual Globeducate Model United Nations

Over the four days, the ice was broken and we could see that delegates and chairs grew in confidence in their communication and negotiation skills. 

Mougins School students took charge of the closing ceremony and welcomed everyone and thanked them for their hard work over the last four days. Awards were then presented to the Best Delegate and Outstanding Delegate for each committee. Congratulations to our Mougins students Maria and Aleen who were respectively awarded for the Best and Outstanding Delegate in the UN Economic and Social Policy committee. Let's not forget the rest of our students who stepped out of their comfort zone in their debates and votes throughout the event: Bravo to Andrea, Carl Lucas, Casper, Clara, Connor, Elsa, Eveline, Hanna, Harrison, Karl, Ksenia, Lana, Leo, Leilani, Lola, Louis, Maximus, Mia, Oliver, Olivia, Raphael, Saskia, Sienna, Sophie D, Sophie G, Tereza and Victoria.

The final speeches came from Students from Mougins School, who spoke about their experience over the last four days, highlighting the connections they had made, the knowledge they had gained, and the skills they had developed. All our students underlined how much they hope to participate next year, and they all highly recommended other Globeducate students around the world to join them.

Enjoy our closing ceremony!

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