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Globeducate Reads: Uniting Mougins School Students in a Literary Celebration

On the 2nd of February, Mougins School will enthusiastically participate in the Globeducate Reads event, a global celebration dedicated to fostering a love for reading, promoting literacy, and connecting students from various Globeducate Schools worldwide through a shared literary experience. To make this day truly special, we have meticulously planned a myriad of activities that promise to captivate and inspire our students.

Global Read-a-thon:

The highlight of Globeducate Reads is the Global Read-a-thon, a video initiative that transcends borders. Each participating school tags the next, creating a chain of reading enthusiasm. Students unite virtually to share their favourite books, nurturing a sense of camaraderie and a love for diverse literary works. 

Notably, our Primary Students Council has orchestrated a video featuring Eve Merriam's poem. Click here to enjoy this delightful contribution.

Guest Readers in Primary Classes:

Throughout the week, Mougins School orchestrated sessions with guest readers in Primary Classes—a delightful means of sharing their favourite stories and sparking the curiosity of young minds to explore the expansive world of literature! This initiative is a great way to promote reading but also encourages a sense of community involvement in education. Primary classes will repeat this guest reader week at the end of each month so that the children experience adults who work around school coming to share and enjoy a story with them.

GLobeducate reads event guest readers in classes

"Can You Guess Who Is Behind This Photo?" Game:

Adding an element of fun to the celebration, we organised a game called "Can You Guess Who Is Behind This Photo?" The game features teachers or staff members from Mougins School who adored a particular book during their childhood. Students engaged in a guessing game, connecting with their educators on a personal level and discovering the magic of literature that has influenced those who guide them. Behold the unveiling from our social media posts!

Behold the unveiling from our social media posts! globeducate reads


Unveiling the Ecological Book Sheds:

In the spirit of the Globeducate Reads celebration, we are proud to announce the unveiling of new Ecological Book Sheds. This initiative, made possible through the generous contribution of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), reflects a commitment to sustainability and a greener approach to promoting literacy. Leading this project are Fabienne Hallett, our librarian, and Aleen, a Year 11 student, collaborating to emphasise the significance of environmental consciousness in education.

Globeducate Reads is always an engaging and enriching experience for Mougins School students. Through the fusion of the joy of reading, interactive activities, and sustainable initiatives, we actively nurture a holistic approach to education that transcends traditional textbooks and classrooms. Our aspiration is that this celebration will kindle a genuine passion for literature among our students!


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