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The importance of sport at Mougins School
Lise Cudin

Sport plays an important role in the lives of our students, as we believe that it encourages both physical and mental health, and instils respect for ethics and our educational values. 

Sport and Mougins School values

From an early age, our students are encouraged to enjoy all aspects of sport. Sports sessions are therefore not only limited to our academic programme. It also applies to the children's daily lives because sport is not just a subject, but a way of life!

Lessons are planned with a holistic approach incorporating physical, social and emotional well-being. Part of this approach includes integrating sports competitions that encourage healthy competition and teamwork. That’s why Jerome, our Head of Sport is preparing a sports programme that will almost make the Paris 2024 Olympics jealous!


“Between the High School and Primary Med Cups, the international school friendly matches and the upcoming Middle School Med Cup & Globeducate Olympics, we don't get bored at Mougins School in the sports department! I love to see our students highly motivated by all kinds of events and I have to say that our Sports Days are excellent examples and bring a lot of emotions too.” Jerome Hebant

Many events throughout the year

Congratulations to the House 'Picasso' (Red Team) who won the KS2 Sports Day (or Primary Sports Day)!

After a long dry spell caused by Covid, our students can finally let off steam in our gym, the forest or on our football/basketball pitches while proudly wearing their House colours. At Mougins School, we believe that the British-style house system is a good way for students, parents and staff to feel more connected and involved in the school community.

While we wait for the next Med Cup in Italy at the end of April and the GE Olympics in Portugal in June, here are other recent sports events organised by the educational team:

  • Sports Day KS2

Congratulations to the House 'Picasso' (Red Team) who won the KS2 Sports Day (or Primary Sports Day)!

  • Volleyball Games vs ISM

  • Football Games vs 'Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz'  (Swiss International Boarding School)

  • Year 5&6 Mougins Football World Cup (organised with BTEC Students)

BTEC sports students organised and delivered a football tournament for forms 5 and 6 boys and girls. It was called the Mougins World Cup as the teams were given countries to represent.
The event was a huge success with students exhibiting great team cooperation throughout and a fierce competitive spirit. The standard of play was high and there were nail biting finishes to many of the matches including the final for the cup which was decided on penalty kicks. Well done to the Portugal team members who won Scarlett, Violet, Max, Joe, Harrison, Pierre and Oliver. The golden boots were awarded to Xavier and Nathalie and players of the tournament were awarded to Joe and Scarlett. The decision for the awards was difficult as there were so many students displaying such a high standard of play.

Congratulations to the BTEC sports students Josh Johnson, Callum Taylor and Alex Filipini on organising and delivering such a successful tournament.

  • Year 7&8 Fancy Fun Run (organised with BTEC Students)

Our BTEC Sport students also organised the Fancy Fun Run for Year 7 and 8 students to raise funds for two charities: MIMOSA and TOBE HEARTSAFE. 

In the near future we will also host a Basketball Games match against ISN Nice, and the French Netball Championships! Stay tuned, we will tell you more soon!

Our Student Champions

We believe that challenge leads to growth! Every week in our newsletter we highlight the achievements of our students in the Hall Of Fame, and we would also like to use this article to highlight our champions too. We know they will continue to thrive with the support of the community which helps each student to reach their full potential.

We are very proud of our students who develop respect for common rules, and grow in self-confidence, performance and team spirit through sports activities. Globeducate Olympics get ready, Mougins School are on their way!!

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