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‘Inspiration will find you, but it must find you working. - Picasso’

As ever, the Summer term arrives with a flourish of activity at Mougins British International School and, indicative of the energy that we find on campus everyday, our assembly this week for our Secondary students reflected so much of the momentum that has been built up over the year. 

Our Eco-School student team were exemplary in presenting the next phase of our ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ focus to the Secondary school. Presenting a thought provoking discussion of the total kilogramme weightage of our food wastage in the canteen at lunch, Saskia and Clara were powerful role models for being the change we all want to see in our society. 

Mr Hébant’s round up of our Med Cup heroes was no less inspiring. From Nelly’s award for 'Best Scorer', and Daris’s double ‘'Best Scorer' and 'Best Player' trophies, to the roar of applause that greeted all the teams lined up as they heard of the organisers particular praise of our teams’ sporting spirit, the roof was well and truly raised. 

With the hotly anticipated ‘International Day’ forthcoming for our community on the 9th June, we took a moment to consider the students who are already preparing tables, performances, and games for our richly diverse community. When internationalism is celebrated well, we go beyond the ‘five f’s of culture’ (famous people, famous places, fashion, food, and flags) and have an opportunity to genuinely connect to the depth and breadth of what it means to be from culturally distinct backgrounds. This year promises to be exceptional in this regard and our students are consistently inspiring in their engagement with one another.

As you’ll no doubt have seen, Picasso’s face looks out over us from the hilltop of Mougins. His words above are a real reminder that inspiration will not arise by osmosis. It is created, nurtured, worked into life, and we are fortunate to be its beneficiaries at Mougins School every day. 

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