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Unlocking the True Essence of Mental Health: A Universal Human Right and Personal Responsibility

Next Tuesday, 10th October is World Mental Health Day with this year’s message,  ‘Mental Health is a Universal Human Right’. For me, this reminder is so important and yet the theme  neglects a simple truth.

Mental Health is absolutely a human right; it is also something we need to actively work towards, something for which we must all take individual responsibility. We can not take wellness for granted. Instead, we need to actively pay attention to and nurture our own mental health. 

At Mougins School our goal is to teach children the knowledge and skills they need to flourish. We want to equip our children with an awareness of their own wellbeing and the ability to thrive. Today we have enjoyed Sports Day in the Secondary school and it has been fantastic to see the enthusiasm, resilience and mastery from the students in Years 7 - 13 as they have represented their houses. Events such as Sports day are magical in their power to build a sense of fun and community in our school.

What we don’t see on days such as these is the work that has gone into each event; the training in school with the PE staff, the early morning weights or the 10k runs. Success rarely happens by chance and each of the medal winners today should feel a sense of real accomplishment and pride in their achievement. 

We know that Vitality and Achievement are two of the five building blocks on which wellbeing can be built (Seligman PERMA V model). Without doubt, I’m sure there will be celebrations this weekend for both those who won and those who have seen first hand, through enjoyable competition, how these two factors can have a powerful effect on wellness. 

Let’s focus, too, on the effort these young people have put into reaching their goals. 

Now just imagine a world in which we trained and focused on our psychological health with the same energy that we train for sporting events. Physical vitality and psychological wellness are inextricably linked and at MBIS we want our community to take ownership of both facets, to work hard on being as healthy as we can be, together. 

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