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Mougins School A-Level Students Exploring Women's Journey in Sports
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The French A-level students from Mougins School recently embarked on an enlightening journey to the Musée National du Sport in Nice. This museum, known for its captivating exhibits, took a unique focus during their visit, shedding light on the journey of women in sports and the persistent quest for gender equality.

Musée National du Sport in Nice Visit

Located in the Allianz Riviera Stadium in Nice, this museum, labelled as a "Museum of France," houses a splendid sports collection. Five hundred years of sports history unfold through over 45,000 objects and 400,000 documents, including equipment, clothing, accessories, trophies, mascots, posters, paintings, films, photos, and archives—an impressive collection for sports enthusiasts. Our students had the opportunity to discover it from two perspectives... a tour but also an interactive session led by a guide, fostering exercises promoting gender equality and the importance of speaking up.


Student Perspectives

The museum's current exhibit delves into the challenges women have faced throughout history, shedding light on societal norms and outright discrimination. Johan, one of the students, expressed his amazement during the guided tour, emphasising the courage and determination exhibited by women to overcome obstacles in the sports arena. Despite significant progress, Johan noted that challenges and disparities still persist, fueling his hope for continued progress until women achieve complete equality in rights and recognition.

Etzi, Cameron, and Noah highlighted the visit's impact, emphasising its unique opportunity to understand the historical significance and enduring influence of women in sports. According to Vanessa and Alex, the experience was a valuable opportunity for their French class, fostering discussions about women's history in sports and broader societal roles. The visit empowered students to appreciate the richness of diversity.


Educational Excursion

Visiting museums like Musée du Sport is crucial for our students, especially in an international school setting. It exposes them to diverse perspectives on history, culture, and societal roles, fostering a broader understanding of the world. Such experiences encourage cultural sensitivity, empathy, and critical thinking, essential skills for global citizens navigating an interconnected world. 

The students' visit to the Musée du Sport in Nice not only offered a glimpse into the historical struggles of women in sports but also ignited a fervour for change among the A-level students from Mougins School. As these young minds continue to advocate for equality, their experiences at the museum serve as a catalyst for broader conversations on the role of women in sports. The Musée du Sport stands not just as a repository of artefacts but as a dynamic space sparking dialogue and inspiring the next generation of advocates for gender equality in sports. So, if you're unsure about what to do this weekend, head to the sports museum, which, according to our student John, is THE SPOT to visit if you want a better understanding of the role and importance of women in sports!

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