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Music in Primary
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Valentina Deidda

At Mougins School, music is an important part of students’ daily life. Music is introduced to children from our Early Years in the LaunchPad and is taught weekly across the Primary classes. 

Music in Primary

Music promotes independent learning

We teach musical concepts and skills that are necessary for students to continue playing as adults. Our main goal is to teach in a way that promotes independent learning. We want our students to acquire sufficient aural, reading and keyboard skills to teach themselves further. 

We encourage our students to think critically about their performances. We want to instil courage and confidence by praising our students’ hard work or for learning a difficult piece or musical concept.

Music builds culture

We appreciate music through its many art forms and introduce the children to a range of genres from Baroque through to Pop and Rock music. As children progress through the school they have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of how music has developed through time and make connections between musical genres. They will appreciate how Music is influenced by the great composers and will be introduced to a range of musical instruments. 

Children that are interested in progressing their musicianship further can join the KS2 Junior Choir (Y3-Y6), which rehearses weekly during THRIVE to prepare for performances throughout the year. We also offer Piano, Guitar, Drums and Singing tuition for all students. 

Music unleashes passions

We are very passionate about music. 

Music education teaches students self-discipline and helps develop their listening and attention skills, as they have to concentrate for long periods of time. Additionally, it has a positive impact on students’ self-expression, mood regulation, well-being and on their motivation. 

In an educational context, music nurtures passions and interests and builds student’s self confidence. We are always delighted to see how our students benefit from their music classes at Mougins School. 

Valentina Deidda
Music Teacher

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