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Hall of Fame: Mougins School Shines at Nice-Cannes Marathon
  • Secondary Matters
Michelle Kimberley-Johnson

It’s that time of year again when traffic is halted on the Cote d’Azur to make way for the annual Phidippidès challenge of completing 42km, either individually or as we prefer, part of a 5 or 6 person team!

The wind was spectacular, gusting in from the coast and head on, but the cheering crowds; musical bands and the beautiful blue skies kept spirits high and everyone had a fantastic performance. This year it should have perhaps been the student boys that won our little in-house competition but after a slight detour at one of the changeover points, it allowed the men/mixed team to snatch the victory!

The student girls and Ladies team were neck and neck until the halfway point but the girls seemed to run like the wind and edge ahead of the ladies in the ‘gale force’ second half of the course.Other people from the Mougins family competing were: Jerome, Axel and Adrien Hebant in a family team of 6 and Ex-pupil Joshua Johnson in a team of 2, completing his half marathon in under 1.15!

Congratulations to all members of the community who took part in the marathon, but a very special well done to the students stepping up to run far greater distances than would normally be expected of them. Bravo!

  • Leg 1: Elsa Philippe.
  • Leg 1+2:Claire MacPherson; Michelle Kimberley-Johnson; Raphael Lalonde;
  • Leg 3: Sarah Kench, Jim Farrell, John Perkins and Daisy Johnson;
  • Leg 4:Gemma Parsons; Valentin Carte; Tommaso Ardica; Nike Prenzler
  • Leg 5: Danielle Feehan; Rhys Wright; Louis Jiggins; Emma Castelli;
  • Leg 6: Alison Vibert;David Derham; Oliver Vibert; Chandi Lovell
Nice-Cannes Marathon. Mougins School relay teams.

Many members of the wider community ran for the Mimosa Cancer Charity. If you would like to donate please go to


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