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The Learning Curve

Sharing children’s learning with parents in Primary through the online platforms
  • Primary Matters
Primary School Team

Sharing children's learning with parents through online platforms is for Mougins School, an effective way to foster communication and involvement between parents and teaching staff. 

Here are some ideas and considerations of this approach:

1- Accessibility and Privacy :

Online learning journals can be accessed anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection. This convenience allows our parents to review and reflect on learning experiences at their own pace, fostering a more flexible and accessible learning environment. Easy to use, the platform is also private, a perfect way to enjoy what's happening inside the classroom.

2- Parent involvement: 

Online learning journals enable parents to stay connected with their child's learning journey. Parents can gain insights into their child's progress, view samples of their work, and understand the learning objectives and outcomes. This increased involvement can facilitate better communication between parents and teachers and support the child's learning both at school and at home.

3- Assessment and evaluation: 

Online learning journals can serve as a valuable tool for formative assessment and evaluation. Teachers can review students' reflections, monitor their progress, and provide targeted feedback to support their learning. This ongoing assessment helps teachers understand individual students' strengths, weaknesses, and learning needs.

4- Communication and collaboration: 

Online learning journals provide a platform for students to communicate and collaborate with their peers, parents and teachers. They can share their thoughts, receive feedback, and engage in discussions around their learning experiences. This promotes a sense of community and enhances the social aspect of learning. For our LaunchPad students it can be a powerful tool to develop language skills.

5- Digital literacy skills:

By using online learning journals such as Google classroom, students develop digital literacy skills as they navigate the platform, upload files, and interact with digital media. These skills are essential for the modern workforce and can enhance their overall digital literacy proficiency.

Overall, online learning journals provide a digital platform that enhances accessibility, organization, reflection, collaboration, and assessment, fostering a more engaging and meaningful learning experience for our students.
These are the platforms we use in Primary at Mougins School.

Tapestry, online learning platform at Mougins School to involved parents and students

Tapestry for our LaunchPad

Sometimes referred to as a Learning Journey, Tapestry is a tool to collect different documents which provide a picture of a child’s development.

  • It includes photos, videos, art-work and mark-making with observations made by teachers and teaching assistants.
  • It includes notes of relevant conversations or comments made by the child. 
  • Parents can add to this journal with their own comments, observations and pictures.
  • Teachers match their observations to the EYFS curriculum guidance.
  • The aim is to build a unique picture of what each child knows, feels and can do as well as their particular interests and learning style. 
  • This picture can then be used to pinpoint learning priorities and plan relevant and motivating learning experiences.

At the end of their time in The LaunchPad, each child will have a complete record of their own personal progress throughout their Early Years education,  complete with photographs to mark achievements and milestones. A document to treasure and look back on in years to come!

tapestry, online learning platform at Mougins School to involved parents and students


Tapestry, online learning platform at Mougins School to involved parents and students

ClassDojo for our KS1 students

ClassDojo is a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what's being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos, and messages.

  • It includes a classroom stream that has pictures of the activities the children are doing in class.
  • Important messages or reminders can be put on the stream for the parents.
  • Individual pupil pages for personal work and images that the children can share with their parents.
  • A point system that allows the teacher to give the children a reward for something good that the parents will also see.
  • A great tool for both parents and pupils to share news about their day in school.


google classroom, online learning platform at Mougins School to involved parents and students

Google Classroom for all Mougins School students

All year groups in the primary, LaunchPad, KS1 and KS2  have a google classroom. Children are given a school email and this is used to invite them to their classroom. On the classrooms you should be able to see;

  • Notices for parents - these are put on the main stream
  • Weekly planning objectives
  • Homework for the children
  • Links to work covered.
  • Yearly curriculum Maps
  • Important messages or reminders to be shared with parents - this might be specific to your child’s class or the primary school as a whole

French and Music teachers also have classrooms that they invite children to, it is a powerful tool to use with your children.

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