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postive education
Lise Cudin

Dear Parents

Pastoral Care at Mougins School is only successful when we connect and include everyone. It concerns Teachers, Parents, Students and the wider community who all  want to help to create a warm, friendly and healthy learning environment for all our children. 

As the Deputy Head for Pastoral Care and Well-being I work with all my colleagues who help build up the Global Big Picture of each of our students. I work closely with the Form Tutors who are really important in our School Communication tree and help us gather and share important information on the well being of our students. These teachers also teach the Positive Education subject in the school and they explore at times sensitive and important issues such as Sex education, Drug Education, Student Mental Well Being, Racism, Bullying and many others. The teachers invest time, planning, researching and emotional energy in delivering this subject. At times it is difficult to brooch sensitive issues in a classroom environment.

I also work closely with the DSL team, Mr James Wellings, Mr Paul Michael, Mrs Alison Vibert and Mrs Christine Bearman. We all work to co-ordinate and deliver a comprehensive Well-Being education for your children and your support as Parents is important to us.

Therefore it is important that we as teachers and you as Parents have the conversations that help to promote healthy Global perspectives on these issues. As Parents you know that we must promote healthy and factual information to our students or they will hear or find on social media or the internet  the negative and fake information that only clouds and confuses our young students' education. We use British Curricular based and approved by The Department of Education resources that are linked to the PSHE programmes in the United Kingdom. This is material such as the Collins Your Life and Your Choice PSHE book series and the Positive Education books such as Understanding sexuality My life, Your Life series. We also use BBC and Channel 4 documentaries to help stimulate and explore sensitive topics. We also use the Institute for Positive Education and The Wellbeing Hub resources to help promote positive learning and life skills. 

Your help in all these areas is essential and Parenting as we all know is not always easy and open. At times we have to set barriers and rules to help guide and protect our children. In School it is the same, we have rules and expectations of behaviour and language that is positive, safe and healthy for all our students. 

Parents and Carers for Educare

I wish you all a very happy and restful Mid term break and hope to see you all soon.


Mr Robert Cooke
Head of Pastoral and Safeguarding


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