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The Learning Curve

Mougins School: Pause...
Patricia Moon

Many would argue that we live in an information driven society. Sifting through that information to find what is important and relevant to us at a given time is not always an easy task when we are faced with such busy home and work schedules. We are mindful of this at Mougins and like to make information accessible by storing it centrally. This week we would like to pause with any reflections here and signpost primary parents back to our school website and parent page where you can find answers to your most frequently asked questions and learn about upcoming activities.

Having returned to school after a week’s break and with 2 public holidays in consecutive weeks, we will soon be heading into a busy lead up to the winter holidays. There will be much to celebrate and many events to enjoy together during the most festive part of the year. Please take time this week to (re)familiarise yourselves with our school’s online platforms where all information can be found - anything from how to report an absence to what is being served in the canteen next week, from what is my child learning in class to when is the winter celebration, from do we finish at midday on the last day of term to when does school start in the new year?!

Please do get in touch with your child’s teacher or Mrs Bearman if you are having trouble accessing the school website or parent page.

Patricia Moon

Deputy Head of Primary

  • Primary