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Fabienne Hallett our librairian at Mougins British International School
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Lise Cudin

Do not hesitate to read in People of Mougins, the portrait of our Librairian Fabienne Hallett

Tell us about yourself

I have the best job in the world!

  • I spend my time with young people between the ages 7 and 18, which I absolutely love.
  • I have over 12 000 books to share with my students. One of my challenges is to find new books that will truly engage them, whether they are in the habit of reading or not!
  • I work in a beautiful library with open views to the forest on one side, plenty of books on the other, but also quite a lot of Art work from students.

For me, this library is a little like a candy store of imagination! I want students to feel happy, comfortable, peaceful and relaxed.

Tell us about your greatest achievement

As a librarian, my greatest achievement is to have encouraged more boys to read. I have now as many boys borrowing books as girls, if not more in fact!

What is your steepest learning curve?

I believe it is to come. I want to improve my IT skills to make the most of what the digital world has to offer to our library.

Mougins is a great place because ….

Mougins School is the only school I have ever loved, and believe me I never thought that one day I would love a school! The staff is great and you are made to feel not just a person but a friend. Mougins School is like a big family with adults, teenagers and children who care about each other. You might argue at some point – Not in the library! – but there is a genuine sense of caring all around.

Anything that you would like to share with the community?

One of the very few advantages of lockdown is the way many museums have developed the possibility for the public to visit their galleries online. You can take your time, your feet don’t ache, and there are neither queues nor crowds.

From my house, I have re-visited the Louvre and the Musée du Quai d’Orsay but I have also discovered the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. And there are plenty more to see!

Have a look!

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