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People Of Mougins: Frédéric Dupouy
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Meet Frédéric: trumpeter and passionate educator! With a diverse background ranging from music to education, and entrepreneurship, Frédéric brings a wealth of experience to Mougins School. Discover his journey from the conservatory to sustainable development consultancy and learn more about his mission to empower students through music education. Click on this link to find out more!

Could you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Frédéric, I'm a trumpeter, educator, and passionate about this! One could say I've already lived three lives...

My artistic journey began with obtaining my diploma from the Toulouse Conservatoire and then further studies in Bordeaux. During these studies, I had the opportunity to meet various mentors, including an expert in posture and a specialist in the psychological aspect of the musical artist. This led me to embark on a career as a music educator while continuing to refine my skills in these two areas for 8 years.

Subsequently, I felt the desire to establish a sustainable development consultancy in Sophia Antipolis- Corekap - a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company. This entrepreneurial path allowed me to use my skills as a trainer, mediator, and manager.

Finally, I was able to merge my two passions by becoming the director of a conservatory in the Paris region, which enabled me to develop numerous artistic projects and explore new perspectives. My past experiences have enabled me to assist my students in the development of artistic projects and improve their stage presence. 

With a strong pedagogical drive, I felt the need to be in direct contact with students again, which is why I am thrilled to have joined Mougins School.

Tell us about your greatest achievement

My greatest achievement today is guiding musicians' development in all technical, psychological, and organisational aspects. 

Recently, I have expanded my skills by training in haptonomy, an innovative body approach for musicians, focused on the quality of perception and inner security. This approach enables artists to enhance their artistic expression and physical well-being by addressing aspects such as posture, breathing, emotional management, and stage presence.

I have undergone numerous training sessions in inclusive education for individuals with disabilities, social diversity, and various audiences related to neurology. My journey thus far has shaped me into the educator I am today, it is crucial for me to tailor my teaching to all audiences.

What has been your steepest learning curve?

I have always been in search of learning throughout my life. Each experience has taught me something new and has allowed me to grow. This is what I hope to impart to the students of Mougins School.

In every project, there are highs and lows, with defined beginnings and ends. However, each stage is an opportunity for personal growth. If a project comes to an end, it is often to guide us towards new opportunities. It is essential to bounce back from challenges and to cultivate gratitude for the journey.

So, it is important to seize these opportunities when they arise.

For example, one of my aspirations is to change the often negative perception of brass instruments, which are rich in expressive possibilities. For me, they embody values of collectivity, solidarity, and emulation. My dream would be to form a brass orchestra at Mougins School, thus offering students the opportunity to discover the power of collective work in music, much like in singing or theatre. Calling all enthusiasts!

Mougins School is a great place because…

When you arrive at Mougins School, it gives you a feeling of freedom and discovery!

It's really great because it's located in the heart of a lively centre, a very dynamic cultural centre. Having a school in an environment like this is motivating; there's the greenery of nature but above all, the sharing of cultures. I teach in English, so it's a pride to take a step towards British culture, especially as I love the culture of brass bands that come from England.

What would you like to share with the community?

On April 15th, I'll be participating in an artistic evening featuring a Mediterranean Brass Band at the Antibes Conservatory, so everyone is welcome to join! Admission is free, but be sure to reserve your seats in advance for this event - the ticket office will be open from March 25th.

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