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People Of Mougins: Jane Ayerst
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Dive into the vibrant journey of Jane Ayerst, our Deputy Head of Curriculum, Academic, and Structures—an adventurous spirit from Newcastle, Australia, who has woven her passion for education into Mougins School. From the netball court to the picturesque landscapes of Europe, discover the inspiring story of a dedicated educator and proud mother of three. Join us as we explore her achievements, challenges, and the incredible sense of community that makes Mougins School truly exceptional.

Tell us about yourself

I am from Newcastle, in Australia - two hours north of Sydney on the east coast. I am not one to sit still!! I love a challenge, being active, connecting with people and pushing my limits. I have three beautiful children who make me very proud on a day to day basis. I love living in Europe. The little villages and spectacular scenery never grows old. I love to hike as connecting to nature grounds me and is very much my happy place. Also my happy place in the netball court! It has been such an amazing couple of years being part of the growth of Netball in France. I love touring and playing with my netball family. 

Tell us about your greatest achievement

I am most proud of moving to another country, learning a different educational system, taking on the Head of Sixth Form in a completely new context and then developing and implementing the new Deputy Head role. I love my job. It is my passion and am so fortunate to be able to be so fulfilled in what I do on a daily basis. 

What has been your steepest learning curve?

I've had many steep learning curves in my career and my life. However, hands down, the steepest learning curve on all accounts was when my family and I moved to France. I had never lived outside of my home town Newcastle, Australia, let alone in another country. Navigating a new culture, a foreign language and a different education system was extremely challenge, however I'm very proud of what we have all achieved. 

Mougins School is a great place because…

....of the people. I feel so incredibly grateful to work with such amazing people on the Senior Leadership Team. Professionally, we work very well together, complementing each others strengths, challenging each others ideas and diving deep into inspiring strategy. And personally, we are such a strong support for each other; we can cry together, laugh together and have lots of fun. I couldn't ask for a better team of people to work with. 

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