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People Of Mougins
  • People Of Mougins
Zara Lou McGrath

In this week’s People of Mougins, we wanted to tell you more about one of our new teachers, Valentina Deidda. Valentina is a qualified musical teacher who has studied piano all over Europe. 

Tell us about yourself

Hi, my name is Valentina. I am originally from Italy where I started my music studies. 
I have started my music career as a piano teacher after concluding my degree in piano performance and gaining my Qualified Teacher status. I attended a number of masters and seminars for advanced pianists in Italy and France and engage in continuing professional development to enhance both my teaching and performing skills. This inspired me to apply and successfully complete a Master of Arts in Music Education in London at UCL Institute of Education. In London I have worked in a number of primary schools as a Music Lead and Reception Lead (Early Years). 

Tell us about your greatest professional achievement

My students’ progress over the academic year is my greatest achievement. It is extremely rewarding for me to see them learning and applying their acquired knowledge in different contexts independently.

What is your steepest learning curve?

I have a Degree in Foreign Languages. The study of different languages and their cultures was challenging but exciting and mind-expanding at the same time. It has changed the way I perceive and interpret the world around me. 

Mougins School is a great place because…

It is a multicultural and multilingual environment where students have the great opportunity to experience and understand cultural differences.

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