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The Learning Curve

People Of Mougins: Victoria Baker
  • People Of Mougins
Lise Cudin

Welcome to this week's edition of 'People of Mougins.' We are excited to present to you an inspiring individual who has recently joined our early years program, The LaunchPad. Meet Victoria Baker, a passionate educator with a rich background as a mathematics lead in her previous school. Join us on a journey that takes us from Dubai to England and now to the enchanting landscapes of France as we delve into Victoria's remarkable teaching journey. Get ready to be inspired as we introduce you to her in this article.

Tell us about yourself

Hello! I am from Hampshire in England. I moved to Bristol, England to start my Primary Education Degree, specialising in Early Years. After completing my degree, I taught in a Primary School, in Bristol, within Early Years and Key Stage 1. Throughout my time at this Primary School, I was the mathematics lead as well as supporting with Phonics. 

I then moved to Dubai to continue my teaching journey. Whilst I was in Dubai I taught in the Early Years and was also the Reception Lead. 

I am so excited to have joined Mougins School and really look forward to the years ahead.

Tell us about your greatest achievement

Becoming Reception Lead. 

What has been your steepest learning curve?

My learning curve has really changed into a positive for me. I have been quite far away from my family at times but, because of this, I have also had amazing experiences and explored different cultures which I have thoroughly enjoyed!

Mougins School is a great place because…

...everyone, the staff and parents, are so welcoming!

  • People Of Mougins