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The Learning Curve

people Of Mougins
  • People Of Mougins
Lise Cudin

Tell us about yourself

This September, I joined the 'Thrive' program at Mougins School as a Mandarin teacher.
It has been a wonderful experience as I love the very international, multi-cultural and inspiring environment here. I am from Beijing, have lived in Shanghai, Copenhagen, Munich and now France. My study includes pedagogy, Chinese teaching and literature, English literature in Capital Normal University, Teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Université d' Artois. I had been a high school head teacher in Shanghai and had been teaching mandarin in different European countries since 2015.

Widening students' mind through learning Chinese culture and Mandarin as well as exploring the world with students from an Asian point of view are my favourites. I have been a leader at 'La Leche League' since 2009 and enjoy so much the volunteer work to help moms from all over the world breastfeeding their babies.

In my spare time, I love drawing Chinese ink painting, playing piano, reading, travelling, hiking and skiing with my family.

Tell us about your greatest achievement

It should be that I founded 'Ecole de Langue Chinoise Lianyi' in 2019 in France. It is a dream that I am still pursuing everyday. Now we have six classes online and offline.

Also, the greatest moment in my teaching is when I see that children's confidence is strengthened, when I see they really enjoy the learning process, when I see them being motivated and achieving great results!

What is your steepest learning curve?

In 2019 when I was working hard to set up 'Ecole de Langue Chinoise Lianyi' and obviously now since I am working on the website, that will be ready to share soon... After every day I have the urge to learn more, which is one of the greatest things in my life.

Painting People Of Mougins

Mougins School is a great place because…

It offers very dynamic and inspiring learning environment. The team is very friendly, hard working and always seeking for improvement.

Anything that you would like to share with the community?

I would like to share a link to some of my Chinese paintings. The theme is 24 seasons in China. I hope that you are going to enjoy it.


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