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The Learning Curve

Reading Allowed!
  • Primary Matters
Christine Bearman, Paul Michael, Patricia Moon

It’s one of the most wonderful skills any of us can have. And, like many skills, it’s exciting that one of the ways we get better at it is by doing more of it.

Paul Auster, has said:

‘Numbers don't count where books are concerned, for there is only one reader, each and every time, only one reader.’


For the purpose of our new project, that reader is you. 

Books are more than simply paper, ink, and glue. At their best, when we’ve found one that really resonates with us, they can be talismanic. Talked about at dinner, inspiration for art, quotes that steer us through difficult times, and companions through the best. 

We want our students, parents, staff, and indeed the whole community to be aware, thoughtful, wise, warm, and welcoming. And we recognise that reading, the act of carefully engaging in another’s thoughts, reality, and experiences can be intensely powerful in creating this. 

As such, and as a way to help encourage our students towards books that have been that for you, we are asking you to select a book or three that have shaped you, that have made a difference. That once you finished it, you found it was not finished with you. 

In the Google Form here, we are asking you to choose any book that you remembered from your time in your child and young adulthood, from Early Years through to Primary, and Secondary age, that you would recommend unreservedly; a book that left its mark. 

We will collate this information then into a ‘MBIS Recommends’ project. Hopefully, this will encourage, nudge, and inspire our children and us to feel more frequently like the reader Auster mentioned. 

Thank you so much for supporting this. 


Mrs Moon, Mrs Bearman, and Mr Michael

  • Primary
  • Secondary