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Safer Internet Day Highlights: Digital Literacy & Parenting Tips
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On Tuesday 6th February, Mougins Primary School took part in Safer Internet Day.  The day was filled with insightful activities aimed at promoting responsible and secure online behaviour among our students. 
Recognising the power of the internet as a transformative educational tool, Safer Internet Day highlighted how responsible online behaviour and adherence to guidelines can unlock a world of knowledge and creativity. Our commitment extends beyond safeguarding to ensuring that our students harness the full educational potential of the internet while navigating it safely.

Privacy Protection:

Safer Internet Day emphasised implementing robust privacy practices in line with Internet Matters guidelines and UK government recommendations. We want our students to understand the importance of safeguarding personal information while exploring the vast educational potential the internet offers.

Engaging Workshops: 

Our students actively participated in interactive workshops where they learned valuable lessons about online safety, responsible internet use, and the significance of being good digital citizens by treating others with respect and empathy in the digital world.

Parental Engagement:

We appreciate the active involvement of parents in line with Internet Matters' emphasis on parental guidance. Together, we are creating a collaborative approach to instilling values of responsible internet use, both at school and at home.

Addressing online challenges is crucial for a positive digital experience. Internet Matters recommends:

  • Open Communication: Foster open and honest communication with children about their online experiences, encouraging them to share any concerns or issues.
  • Establish Ground Rules: Set clear guidelines on screen time, online behaviour, and responsible use of social media platforms.
  • Educate on Cyberbullying: Equip children with the knowledge to recognise and respond to cyberbullying, emphasising the importance of kindness and empathy online.

Choose age-appropriate apps:

Selecting age-appropriate apps is fundamental to ensure a safe digital environment for children. Internet Matters advises:

  • Research Apps: Investigate apps before downloading, considering factors like content, age suitability, and potential risks.
  • Check Age Ratings: Pay attention to age ratings and recommendations provided by app stores to determine if the app aligns with the child's developmental stage.
  • Use Parental Controls: Leverage built-in parental controls within apps and devices to manage content and features according to the child's age.

Digital Literacy for Empowerment

We believe that by equipping our students with digital literacy skills, we empower them to harness the educational potential of the internet effectively. Navigating online platforms responsibly not only enhances their learning experiences but also prepares them for the increasingly digital future. Safer Internet Day served as a reminder that, with proper guidance, our students can leverage the internet as a dynamic educational tool, connecting them to a global community of information and ideas.

As we reflect on the success of Safer Internet Day at our school we celebrate not only the promotion of online safety but also the recognition of the internet's powerful role in shaping the educational landscape for our students.

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