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Robert Cooke

Dear Parents

This week in Positive Education our school tutors will begin the Drug awareness and Sexual Health Education skills for their respective form groups. Our aim is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with difficult situations and how to avoid negative recreational trends or patterns. 

With over twenty years of working as a Pastoral teacher at Mougins school and delivering the PSHE and Positive Education programme I have seen many issues and trends that we as teachers, Parents and students need to talk about and discuss to help our community deal positively and responsibly with. We always use our school values of Respect, Learning, Community and Integrity to help guide us in these lessons and create a healthy and sensitive environment to allow the child to learn about these issues.

Our tutor teachers have a pivotal role between students and Parents and strong communication links that have open, honest and transparent dialogue is essential if we are all to help our students deal with issues such as drug and sex education, Bullying, Social media responsibility, stress and self confidence.

This week the Secondary school had a whole assembly on Alcohol Awareness and we discussed the importance of our students speaking with their parents about this issue and how we can build a positive and healthy relationship with alcohol which is our accepted social drug. We spoke about laws surrounding alcohol and the responsibility of students not to find themselves in a difficult situation where they know alcohol will be present. Next week we begin our Sex Education programme as Decemebr 1st is World AIDS Day. We will look at responsible behaviour, the laws around Sexual activity, what is love? What are healthy relationships and what are unhealthy or abusive relationships.
As Positive Education teachers we need your help to facilitate and allow your children to ask questions at home in a warm and healthy environment where they will receive facts and knowledge about these often complex and difficult issues.

Parents have a huge role to play in positive education so I am asking for your help over the next few weeks to have those important small conversations about any issue that might be worrying for your child and our student.

Thanks for your support and help.


Please find a guide for parents here


Mr Robert Cooke
Head of Pastoral and Safeguarding


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