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globeducate global olympics
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Lise Cudin

The Global Olympics, a Globeducate event that is now in its 10th year, was hosted by our GBIS sister school Nobel Algarve at the Lagoa campus in Portugal. Over 200 students from 25 Globeducate schools, as well as 8 children from Mougins School, took part in this sporting competition, which included Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, water sports, beach volleyball, football and athletics.

Multi-schools teams

The Global Olympics got off to a vibrant start, immersing the students in lively competition, camaraderie and the joy of sport. All participating students, including Ekaterina, Claudia, Victoria, Sonya, James, Georg, Erik and Henry, were organised in different teams with names of Algarve beaches. The mixed teams highlighted skills, teamwork and fair-play for a better global experience.

The first day of the event was filled with enthusiasm, anticipation and perhaps even a little trepidation of meeting people you'd never seen before. But as the competition progressed, and the feeling of doing your utmost across the various challenges for each other grew, a genuine sense of team spirit was seen. 


Great location, great organisation

The various Olympic games took place in a number of wonderfully different places. 
One of the picturesque locations chosen for the competition was Praia de Ferragudo, a stunning beach. Throughout the day, both boys and girls revelled in a morning brimming with a wide range of games and activities. 
Furthermore, the participants relished their time on the beach, engaging in various sports such as canoeing, surfing, volley-ball whilst also having fun playing on the inflatables in the sea!

Our Physical Education teacher Jerôme Hebant was delighted with the quality of the tournament organised by the Nobel Algarve British International School staff.

“The varied games such as ultimate frisbee, basketball, beach volleyball, 'capture the flag', athletics and football, as well as fun activities such as inflatables & kayaking, were all very well organised.“

A further moment of sporting inspiration came when all the students had the chance to meet the athlete Anyika Onuora during the closing ceremony of the Global Olympics, at Nobel Algarve British School, who won 10 global medals in the European championships!

Mougins School globeducate global olympics

Proud of our students

It is amazing to see how all students came together and got to know one another. It was important for everyone to create different friendships and strong bonds during the competition. 

We would like to give a special thanks to our students who truly showed our Mougins British International School values during this global event. They spent 3 days enjoying themselves, engaging in healthy competition and gave their all, throughout the games. 

Here are our students' rankings out of 8 boys' and 8 girls' teams
- Georg V. and Henry S. (Praia do Vau team) finished 6th/8.
- James A. and Erik S. (Praia da Galé team) finished 3rd🥉 
- Sonya P. and Victoria M. (Praia da Sr Rocha team) were 5th.
- Ekaterina F. and Claudia S.(Praia da Angrinha) got a gold medal!🥇

Congratulations to Claudia who also did a wonderful run and finished 1st on the track.

global olympics


Let’s finish with Jerôme Hebant’s words:

“The organisation of these Global Olympics was really excellent. The kindness and responsiveness of the people in charge of transport and accommodation were exceptional.

Our students and I will treasure our memories of this experience. The mix of students from different schools and the aim of creating a 'global' spirit in the group worked really well.

I really got to know the students, even though my coaching only lasted a few days. I loved the experience, and I had a lot of great emotions, not least thanks to my team's victory, of which I'm very proud.”

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